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Reinventing Giallos…




… and mixing into it Rock, animation and documentary, that’s the ambitious vision of young french Director Enguerran Prieu, making videos, short films, essays and sketches since he’s eleven:
«When you are interested in horror or fantasy films, there has to be a moment when you discover the slasher (Halloween, Scream, Black Christmas…) One thing leading to another I discovered the Giallo by watching some of Dario Argento’s films. These films really made a great impression on me and I became a fan of the genre. In fact it combines various styles. It’s somewhere between the thriller genre, horror and eroticism. And most of all it gives a real freedom in visual experimentations. So, I wanted to pay a tribute to this genre which was best known in the 70’s.»
«I wish to pass on my passion for a cinema genre which is no more a topic of current interest. I want to offer an innovating film, one that goes against the current of what can be seen nowadays.»