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A Mysterious Band…




Unfolding to the rhythm of music, this film is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the Giallo Queens, this mysterious band from London, the career of which was punctuated with scandals and disquieting deaths. Formed in 1971, hardly known by the general public, has nevertheless left its’ mark on rock’n’roll with its unique style combining experimental music and dramatic “shock rock” mise en scenes. The band first meets success with the folk ballad “I like birds” in 1972, and later, with the more “rock” “the Girl from Mars”.
In 1976, after the death of the singer Candide Lee in a plane crash, the band decides to take a musical turn by hiring Clara Wisp and playing harder music. As a tribute to the several singers who succeeded each other as the leaders of the group, the Giallos decided to change their name into the Giallo Queens.
After 25 years of silence, the band decides to get back together in 2007 and goes on tour in France and Italy. Today, the Giallo Queens still give a few concerts in Europe. Wearing masks on stage, they have always sown doubt among their fans concerning their identity, which makes them one of the most mysterious rock bands of their time.